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Babale Sock On Amazon.uk
Babale Sock On Amazon.uk

Babale socks will be available for purchase from amazon.co.uk from different European countries from today.


In order to overcome the economic crisis caused by the pandemic and to return to the old work rhythm of the social enterprise, Babale aimed to export it’s products outside of Georgia.

 This goal was achieved with the support of the Georgian Center for Strategic Research and Development.


Babale was established in 2019 with the support of the Bank of Georgia. The Bank of Georgia funded the implementation of the project with GEL 50,000 within the framework of social entrepreneurship support. The design of the socks is inspired by the paintings of Georgian artists, national heritage and children with Down Syndrome.


Babale has 11 uniquely designed socks, and has additionally developed 5 new socks designs for amazon, prepared personalized product packaging featuring reproduction of sock inspiration and a brief history of the author.


Proceeds from the sale of socks are used to support the development programs, education and employment of people with Down Syndrome.