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Social Enterprise Babale

Social Enterprise Babale

Babale is a Social Enterprise, founded by Georgian down syndrome association, founders of the association are parents of children and teens with psycho-social disabilities.

Babale created an equal working environment for people with special needs. It combines two spaces: a creative workshop and a salon where handicrafts are for sale. Babale’s products can also be purchased online at: https://babale.ge/ . In Social Enterprise manufactures decorate and create wood and textile items. Each one is unique and handmade.

People with special needs at Babale will be given the opportunity to study decorative applied arts in an adapted creative environment using a special methodology. Afterwards they can apply and develop their skills at the new working space.

Georgia has more than 150,000 people with psycho social disabilities, one of the major problems for them is employment. Babale's creative space will enable people with special needs to acquire and raise professional knowledge.. and realize their potential.

The society will be given the opportunity to discover and meet professional creators with psycho social disabilities, establish communication and collaboration with them, express their social responsibility and support the development of social enterprise.