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Gigo`s Fund - #Getundertheumbrella

Gigo`s Fund - #Getundertheumbrella

Georgian Down Syndrome Association’s Gigo’s Foundation.  Gigo’s Foundation - established by the Georgian Down Syndrome Association

The Foundation was established on November 16, 2018 with the initiative of Gigo Shiukashvili – a person with Down Syndrome.  The Foundation is involved in charitable activities for children and adults with Down Syndrome, those who especially need our support.

The purpose of the foundation is to promote the health and development of people with Down Syndrome living in Georgia, to mobilize financial resources, to prioritize them and to provide for their needs.

The main directions of the foundation are:

Health Promotion - Funding of emergency and planned medical services that are not covered or not fully covered by insurance and other government programs.

Promoting development and socialization - preparing for independent living.

We believe we all feel much better when we know that even a small contribution we make will change someone else's life for the better!

Two people can overcome a great jeopardy under one umbrella!